Better Business Summit

Nominations for the Better Business Awards 2016 are now open

To begin the entry process, please fill in the form below:

  • All online submissions must be completed by Friday 13 November 2015.

In order to save time, please ensure that you carefully read the minimum entry requirements for each category before completing the nomination form for yourself or on behalf of a third party. Category descriptions and minimum requirements can be found HERE

Completing your nomination

Step 1: If you are nominating yourself, please only fill out the nominee information

Step 2: If you are nominating on behalf of someone else, please fill out both the nominee and nominator information

Step 3: If you are nominating for more than one category, please complete separate forms for each category. You can only nominate for one individual and one group award per form.

Step 4: If you are only nominating for one award, please ensure that you choose the ‘not applicable’ option in the other category menu

Step 5: Once your form has been submitted, you will be prompted to complete an online submission with business metrics and answering key award criteria.

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Group Category

 Best Community Engagement Program
 Best Branded Office
 Best Customer Service/Satisfaction
 Best Independent Office (5 or more brokers)
 Best Independent Office (less than 5 brokers)
 Best New Office
 Best Regional Office
 Not applicable

Individual Category

 Best Residential Broker
 Rising Star
 Best Newcomer
 Best Loan Administrator
 Best Lender BDM (Bank)
 Best Lender BDM (Non-Bank)
 Best Aggregator BDM
 Best Finance Broker
 Best Customer Service/Satisfaction
 Best Community Engagement Program
 Best Commercial Broker
 Best Regional Broker
 Not applicable